python-heatclient v0.2.6

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Steve Baker
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2 Angus Salkeld, 1 Chen Xiao, 1 Kui Shi, 2 Steve Baker, 2 Steven Hardy, 1 Vijendar Komalla, 1 chenhaiq
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The heat development community would like to announce the release of
python-heatclient version 0.2.6.

python-heatclient is a client library for Heat built on the Heat orchestration
API. It provides a Python API (the heatclient module) and a command-line tool

This release can be installed from the following locations:


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1233912 #1233912 Environment registry urls must be absolute 3 High Steve Baker  10 Fix Released
1248265 #1248265 heatclient is not working with os-auth-token 3 High Vijendar Komalla  10 Fix Released
1249233 #1249233 UnicodeDecodeError occurs when stack-create with non-exist linuxdistribution in non-english environment 3 High Chen Xiao  10 Fix Released
1250731 #1250731 heatclient > v2.2 is not compatible with Grizzly openstack 3 High Steve Baker  10 Fix Released
1252248 #1252248 heat CLI doesn't properly support token auth 3 High Steven Hardy  10 Fix Released
1252313 #1252313 Tests broken in master 3 High Steven Hardy  10 Fix Released
1254657 #1254657 python-heatclient does not work on windows 3 High chenhaiq  10 Fix Released
1153824 #1153824 heat cli requires a man page 5 Low Angus Salkeld  10 Fix Released
1242947 #1242947 running "heat event-show" returns "Stack not found" for existing stacks 5 Low Angus Salkeld  10 Fix Released
1243418 #1243418 remove python 2.5 support for parse_sql 5 Low Kui Shi  10 Fix Released
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