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Freezer is a Python tool that helps you automate incremental data backup and restore in OpenStack Swift.
Backups can be executed on file system, MongoDB, MySQL with LVM snapshot and encryption support.


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The following features are avaialble:

  • Backup your filesystem using snapshot to swift
  • Strong encryption supported: AES-256-CFB
  • Backup your file system tree directly (without volume snapshot)
  • Backup your journaled MongoDB directory tree using lvm snap to swift
  • Backup MySQL DB with lvm snapshot
  • Restore your data automatically from Swift to your file system
  • Low storage consumption as the backup are uploaded as a stream
  • Flexible Incremental backup policy
  • Data is archived in GNU Tar format
  • Data compression with gzip
  • Remove old backup automatically according the provided parameters
  • Nova Engine for backing up nova instances
  • Cinder Engines (os-brick based engine, api-like engine, fs-like engine)
  • Rsync engine (v1, v2)
  • Tenant Backups engine.

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Freezer Drivers
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