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This blueprint defines goals and strategy for addressing ARM-related package porting issues within Linaro and Ubuntu Long-term high-level goals: * Eliminate all ARM-specific build and runtime failures. * Eliminate all cases where non-default bulid flags are used for avoiding a build failure (particularly -marm)...
There are a number of ways in which the boot-time behavior of karmic on server is worse than in previous releases as a result of the partial conversion to event-based upstart jobs. We need to collate these issues and ensure these can be addressed appropriately for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
The Ubuntu 8.10 process highlighted the fact that we do not have a consistent architecture for how hotkeys work across different hardware in Ubuntu, and many of the developers do not have a clear understanding - or may have different understandings - of how the system is intended to work. The output of this bluepri...