This team exists to bring together radio amateurs who use Ubuntu in order to:

* Provide a meeting place for amateur radio operators using Ubuntu Linux
* Help each other use amateur radio applications on Ubuntu Linux
* Promote the use of applications running on Ubuntu
* Help organize packaging and maintenance where needed for amateur radio applications
* Help provide documentation for Linux APIs, i.e. for sound interfaces
* Allow experienced Ubuntu users and the bug handling community to help process bugs reported against amateur radio apps running on Ubuntu
* Connect application users with upstream teams in order to facilitate testing
* And more!

Updated versions of many Amateur Radio related packages are provided in the ubuntu-hams-updates Personal Package Archive:

We hang out on IRC in #ubuntu-hams on

Team members are encouraged to use our wiki page:
and to update their call sign and information by following the link on that page. Please help populate the page with information about the various amateur radio packages.

If you are a bug triager, packager, or developer who wants to work with amateur radio packages, consider joining the Ubuntu Ham Developers team:

The current list of Amateur Radio software packages in Ubuntu, and those that require packaging are listed at: and the associated bug status is at

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