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update freezer, freezer-api gate jobs for OpenStack Backup/Restore and DR (Freezer)
So far we have add CentOS gate job, just to make sure everytime is working fine on centos as long as ubuntu. We need to do the following: 1. Remove any Debian based commands to make the gate job work fine 2. try to enhance freezer-api screen, may be adding freezer-scheduler screen to it's log Ideas ?
[freezer-api] v2 with multi-tenancy for OpenStack Backup/Restore and DR (Freezer)
As Freezer is trying to support multi-tenancy so we need to change some api calls to accept a new parameter which is project_id. Also we need to do more changes to move oslo.db to support sql databases. More to follow....
Ability to backup a single tenant for OpenStack Backup/Restore and DR (Freezer)
=============================== Tenant based backup and restore =============================== Problem description =================== As a tenant, I need to use Freezer to backup all my data and metadata from an OS Cloud and restore it at my convenience. With this approach all the data can be restored on the same...

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