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Policy driven RBAC for OpenStack Searchlight
Most projects use policy files to control access to resources (our current control is similar to owner_or_admin in most policy files). Changes in policy are not currently reflected in changes to RBAC. We should identify where we can translate policy rules from policy files to elasticsearch queries (and where we cann...
Support service policy files for OpenStack Searchlight
It's been pointed out that that deployers shouldn't have to change multiple places to enforce policy. Horizon already uses (copies of) service policy files to determine what operations should be exposed to users (whether they can list servers, view images etc). Searchlight can do the same. This BP will support confi...
Heat Stack Plugin for OpenStack Searchlight
Summary ======= Provide searching of Heat deployed stacks. Problem Statement =============== Templates (deployed stacks), can get very complex with nested templates. Searching them is difficult. Unfortunately, notifications don't contain the actual template so we'd need to request it from the API. Description =...
The values for the image 'visibility' will be expanded in Newton to include 'community' and 'shared'. This has implications for what images are accessible to a user and what images should appear in the user's default image-list. Community images spec:
Nova Search plugin for Graffiti
Will provide search indexing and RBAC for Nova.

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