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Add support of k8s suse driver in Magnum. The driver is already included as a contrib driver in magnum:- Currently suse image is prepared using "kiwi"( reference:-https://build.op...
In this bp we need to add an option in the nova.conf file to be able to set the instance display_name same as the instance_name. The instance_name is usually of the format instance-<id_as_hex> where id_as_hex is a hexadecimal number that is generated from the instance name template. The idea here is that we ignore...
Color support for osbash for OpenStack Training Guides
Color variation to highlight messages and enhance readability while running osbash. Make this color variation compatible on most operating systems- linux, windows, OSx
Integration of videos into training guides for OpenStack Training Guides
To increase the impact of the training guides, videos will be added to the training guides. Certain exercises like building the training cluster will help trainees not get stuck.

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