Please DO NOT request to join this team unless you have some experience with programming.

This team will consist of more technical members of the Mactel community that actively fix bugs, develop specialized packages and keep them updated, and create software for Mactel users. Some of the issues we hope to solve are the "out of the box" scenarios that may exist in Ubuntu, despite the best efforts of Ubuntu users and developers. One of the issues encountered is that each "mactel" machine has it's own tips and tricks, when essentially each generation are extremely similar (macbook and macbook pro are mostly identical hardware).

A Goal of this team is to have a common PPA to provide packages that assist with support for all mactel machines, not just a specific model (Keeping in mind the GPL requirements of the PPA, so we can only do so much regarding certain drivers, etc).

If you are interested in development activities, creating patches, writing support scripts, documentation, or debugging, then this is the group for you.

This team is moderated, meaning that one of the team administrators have to approve your membership. This membership will grant access to contribute to the mactel-support package archive that will hold the specialized software and applications mentioned above. If you would like to join the mactel-support team, please give an example of work, or an explanation of what you plan to do with the PPA. If you do not need to upload packages to the PPA, or are just a user interested in promoting Ubuntu on Intel Apple Hardware you only need to join the mactel-support-community:
A Team to improve support for Apple computers based on the Intel Architecture.

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