I'm a software developer, but I've also been a systems and networks administrator in a previous life. As part of my job, I do development and testing on various projects. My main interests are network-related tools such as NetworkManager, resolvconf, and the like, as well as installer and boot systems.

See my blog: http://blog.cyphermox.net/

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Subiquity tasks for Ubuntu
Subiquity tasks
Implementing the use of DKMS and unsigned kernels in light of upcoming requirement to enforce kernel signatures by default with Secure Boot.
There are central network config files for Snappy, Server, Client, MaaS, cloud-init in /etc/netplan/*.yaml. All installers only generate such a file, no /etc/network/interfaces any more. There is also a netplan command line tool to drive some operations. Systems are configured during early boot with a “network rend...