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Alternate snapshot semantics were discussed in Tokyo and Austin. At the Austin Summit, the community agreed one of the new snapshot semantics would be to revert a share (in place) by restoring the most recent snapshot of that share taken by Manila. Using the new specs review process, we can review and finalize the d...
Customers have requested the NetApp cDOT drivers report aggregate consumption metrics to the scheduler, so that custom filter and goodness functions may be written to consider aggregate space.
Manila needs a grouping construct that, like shares, is a 1st-class atomic data type. Our experience with CGs has demonstrated the complexity of adding a grouping capability, yet there are other use cases such as migration, replication, and backup in which some storage controllers could only offer such features on s...
NetApp cDOT controllers can mix SSDs and spinning disks in the same aggregate, where the SSDs are used for a cache. We would need to reports the hybrid aggregate attribute to the scheduler for each pool for use in extra specs matching.

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