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The full description of the project and functionality can be read by visiting a project description page:

Project description page contains answers to almost everything about Timekpr-nExT!

Quite a lot of time and effort went into making this a reality, so if You appreciate my work and would like to say thanks for making Timekpr-nExT or just want to contribute, please do so via PayPal (you do not need to have PP account) or BITCOIN:
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BITCOIN address: bc1q57wapz6lxfyxex725x3gs7nntm3tazw2n96nk3

Alternatively, You can help to translate Timekpr-nExT in Your language by visiting this link:

For Ubuntu a Personal Package Archive is here:

For more information about installation for other distributions, please the full description of the project.

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Latest version is 0.5.5

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