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Steve Baker
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2 Angus Salkeld, 1 Masahito Muroi, 1 Pavlo Shchelokovskyy, 1 Peter Belanyi, 1 Rabi Mishra, 1 Rakesh H S, 1 Steve Baker, 1 Thomas Herve, 1 Unmesh Gurjar, 1 Victor Morales, 1 Vijendar Komalla, 1 andersonvom, 1 huangtianhua
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The heat development community would like to announce the release of
python-heatclient version 0.2.11.

python-heatclient is a client library for Heat built on the Heat orchestration
API. It provides a Python API (the heatclient module) and a command-line tool

This release can be installed from the following locations:


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1300336 #1300336 Stack adopt requires template 3 High Vijendar Komalla  10 Fix Released
1350403 #1350403 heatclient should accept multiple environment files 3 High Peter Belanyi  10 Fix Released
1275025 #1275025 raises AttributeError ('InstallVenv' object has no attribute 'post_process') 4 Medium Victor Morales  10 Fix Released
1299023 #1299023 "heat stack-abandon" should have a default output file 4 Medium Masahito Muroi  10 Fix Released
1308992 #1308992 endpoint hostname doesn't match 4 Medium Angus Salkeld  10 Fix Released
1324366 #1324366 disable_rollback will change to true although we don't specify it when stack-update 4 Medium Pavlo Shchelokovskyy  10 Fix Released
1335098 #1335098 No provision to specify enable-rollback and timeout in stack-preview command 4 Medium Unmesh Gurjar  10 Fix Released
1349467 #1349467 heat resource-metadata not working 4 Medium Thomas Herve  10 Fix Released
1359898 #1359898 Display stack_owner on stack-list 4 Medium andersonvom  10 Fix Released
1363782 #1363782 Add os profiler support into Heat 4 Medium Angus Salkeld  10 Fix Released
1367283 #1367283 clients should handle keyboard interrupt 4 Medium Rakesh H S  10 Fix Released
1324470 #1324470 useless iso8601 debug info displayed if use "--debug" 5 Low Steve Baker  10 Fix Released
1331954 #1331954 show the physical_resource_id in resource-list 5 Low huangtianhua  10 Fix Released
1336306 #1336306 heat resource-template is misleading 5 Low Rabi Mishra  10 Fix Released
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