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Project Overcast is a set of "less cloudy" enterprise-like services for OpenStack, e.g. OpenStack Advanced Resource Scheduler (OARS).

It includes support for actions like reclamation and rescheduling of orphaned instances (instance fault tolerance) and orphaned volumes (volume fault tolerance), resource load balancing and dynamic resource scheduling (predictive resource rescheduling to achieve consistent load distribution), automation of resource snapshot and movement (both instance and volumes) and similar availability services and actions.

OpenStack has already passed the viability tipping point in the industry. It is now a widely adopted open source cloud standard across service providers, startups, SaaS vendors, ISVs, IHVs, eduction, research and other markets.

However, much of the available market still rests firmly in the "traditional" commercial and enterprise space. OpenStack can either wait until these legacy philosophy and workload environments adopt a more "cloudy" posture (designed to fail, share nothing, etc.), or it can extend more familiar enterprise services to them to provide an easier adoption path for them.

It took ~15 years for the enterprise virtualization adoption curve to reach "critical mass". If open source cloud adoption takes half as long that would still be ~7.5 years. Project Overcast, though difficult to quantify, seeks to cut this time in half yet again to ~3.75 years by providing services akin to VMware's DRS, instance HA, easier static IP assignment, scheduling snapshots, easier image management, etc.

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