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Nova currently supports Docker with nova-docker driver. The difference between LXC and VM makes the driver hard to maintain a unified model in Nova.

Hyper is a hypervisor-based Docker runtime. It allows to run any Docker images with any hypervisor. Given its hypervisor nature, Hyper makes it way easier and straightforward to support Docker in Nova.

  • What is Hyper?
    Put simply, Hyper is a hypervisor-agnostic Docker runtime. It is similar to Intel’s ClearContainer, allowing to run a Docker image with any hypervisor.

-Why nova-hyper?
Given its hypervisor nature, Hyper makes it easy to integrate with OpenStack ecosystem, e.g. Nova, Cinder, Neutron

  • How to implement?
    Similar to nova-docker driver. Hyper has a daemon “hyperd” running on each physical box. hyperd exposed a set of REST APIs. Integrating Nova with the APIs would do the job.

  • Roadmap
    Integrate with Magnum & Ironic.

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