Mirantis OpenStack 8.0-mu-2

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Mirantis OpenStack
Vitaly Sedelnik
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1 Alex Ermolov, 1 Alexander Tsamutali, 2 Denis Meltsaykin, 2 Denis Puchkin, 2 Igor Degtiarov, 1 MOS Maintenance, 1 Paul Karikh, 1 Rodion Tikunov, 1 Sergii Rizvan, 2 Timur Sufiev
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1575251 #1575251 [Ceilometer] Polling interval behaviour has been changed since Liberty 2 Critical Igor Degtiarov  10 Fix Released
1590372 #1590372 Backport the fix for Horizon CVE-2016-4428 vulnerability (OSSA-2016-010) 2 Critical Alex Ermolov  10 Fix Released
1593002 #1593002 [murano] YaqlYamlLoader inherits from YamlLoader 2 Critical MOS Maintenance  10 Fix Released
1528296 #1528296 [ceilometer] Map-Reduce in resource-list command works long and blocks the db 3 High Igor Degtiarov  10 Fix Released
1529810 #1529810 nova-compute is down after failure during init_host() 3 High Denis Meltsaykin  10 Fix Released
1543951 #1543951 [Reduced footprint] Compute service is disabled after reboot `virt, compute` node 3 High Denis Meltsaykin  10 Fix Released
1552662 #1552662 OpenSSL DROWN vulnerability and related CVEs 3 High Denis Puchkin  10 Fix Released
1560097 #1560097 Failed to uplink subnet to router after destroying one controller 3 High Sergii Rizvan  10 Fix Released
1593456 #1593456 Horizon makes duplicated and extra requests 3 High Timur Sufiev  10 Fix Released
1597707 #1597707 [8.0] broken Neutron dependencies 3 High Alexander Tsamutali  10 Fix Released
1569355 #1569355 Cinder list with pagination contains wrong scheme for "next" link in case of SSL endpoints 4 Medium Denis Puchkin  10 Fix Released
1590694 #1590694 [MOS8.0][Neutron]OVS DVR: KeyError: 'gateway_mac' 4 Medium Rodion Tikunov  10 Fix Released
1593483 #1593483 Horizon doesn't log novaclient and cinderclient activity 4 Medium Timur Sufiev  10 Fix Released
1595764 #1595764 [Horizon] openrc file is incorrect for v3 4 Medium Paul Karikh  10 Fix Released
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