Mistral pike-2 "p2"

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Renat Akhmerov
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2 Adriano Petrich, 1 Bob Haddleton, 1 Boris Bobrov, 1 Dougal Matthews, 1 Lingxian Kong, 2 Nikolay Makhotkin, 4 Renat Akhmerov, 3 Sharat Sharma, 2 Winson Chan, 1 yong sheng gong
6 Implemented
12 Fix Released

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Pike 2 development milestone.


This release does not have a changelog.

6 blueprints and 12 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Actions API: fix engine Actions API: fix engine 4 High Adriano Petrich  11 Implemented
Actions API: fix executor Actions API: fix executor 4 High Dougal Matthews  11 Implemented
Advanced publishing: global vars Advanced publishing: global vars 4 High Renat Akhmerov  11 Implemented
Running actions by engine Running actions by engine 4 High Winson Chan  11 Implemented
Tracking previous tasks Tracking previous tasks 4 High Renat Akhmerov  11 Implemented
Multi region support Multi region support 4 High Lingxian Kong  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1684050 #1684050 failed to connect to devstack installed keystone 3 High yong sheng gong  10 Fix Released
1689821 #1689821 The mistral-db-manage should log it's output 3 High Adriano Petrich  10 Fix Released
1690319 #1690319 Evaluation of workflow env may fail if the env is big and has lots of expressions 3 High Renat Akhmerov  10 Fix Released
1691660 #1691660 Mistral can't authenticate if keystone is singleton and region_name is in config 3 High Nikolay Makhotkin  10 Fix Released
1694415 #1694415 Creating cron-triggers spawns trusts again and again 3 High Nikolay Makhotkin  10 Fix Released
1648390 #1648390 Dashboard: fix create/update workbook/workflow 4 Medium Sharat Sharma  10 Fix Released
1648433 #1648433 Dashboard: fix "Workflow" section of "Action Execution Details" view 4 Medium Sharat Sharma  10 Fix Released
1671803 #1671803 with-items default concurrency is not explained in docs 4 Medium Renat Akhmerov  10 Fix Released
1688219 #1688219 Wrong service type is used in osc 4 Medium Boris Bobrov  10 Fix Released
1689943 #1689943 Change to wsgi script for Apache breaks Gunicorn setup 4 Medium Winson Chan  10 Fix Released
1690158 #1690158 Ad-hoc actions cannot reference env() in YAQL/Jinja expressions 4 Medium Bob Haddleton  10 Fix Released
1668088 #1668088 Add test for mistral-dashboard cron_triggers 5 Low Sharat Sharma  10 Fix Released
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