Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Mistral wallaby-rc1 "w-rc1" wallaby None not yet released
Mistral wallaby-1 "w-1" wallaby None not yet released
Mistral ussuri-rc1 "u-rc1" ussuri None
Mistral ussuri-1 "u-1" ussuri None
Mistral train-1 "train-1" train None
Mistral pike-rc2 "rc2" pike None
Mistral pike-rc1 "rc1" pike None
Mistral pike-1 "p1" pike None
Mistral ocata-3 "o3" ocata None Ocata 3 dev milestone
Mistral ocata-2 "o2" ocata None Ocata 2 dev milestone
Mistral ocata-1 "o1" ocata None Ocata 1 dev milestone
Mistral victoria-rc1 "v-rc1" victoria 2020-09-25
Mistral ussuri-3 "u-3" ussuri 2020-04-10
Mistral ussuri-2 "u-2" ussuri 2020-02-14
Mistral train-rc2 "t-rc2" train 2019-10-11 Train RC2 milestone
Mistral train-rc1 "train-rc1" train 2019-09-27
Mistral stein-rc2 "stein-rc2" stein 2019-04-05
Mistral stein-rc1 stein 2019-03-22
Mistral stein-3 stein 2019-03-08
Mistral stein-2 stein 2019-01-11
Mistral stein-1 stein 2018-10-26
Mistral rocky-rc2 "r-rc2" rocky 2018-08-10
Mistral rocky-rc1 "r-rc1" rocky 2018-08-10
Mistral rocky-3 "r3" rocky 2018-07-27
Mistral rocky-2 "r2" rocky 2018-06-08
Mistral rocky-1 "r1" rocky 2018-04-20
Mistral queens-rc2 "q-rc2" queens 2018-02-22
Mistral queens-rc1 "q-rc1" queens 2018-02-08
Mistral queens-3 "q3" queens 2018-01-25
Mistral queens-2 "q2" queens 2017-12-07
Mistral queens-1 "q1" queens 2017-10-19
Mistral pike-3 "p3" pike 2017-07-28
Mistral pike-2 "p2" pike 2017-06-09
Mistral ocata-rc2 "rc2" ocata 2017-02-16
Mistral ocata-rc1 "rc1" ocata 2017-02-02
Mistral 3.0.0 "3.0.0" newton 2016-09-29
Mistral newton-rc2 "RC2" newton 2016-09-28 Newton cycle Release Candidate 2
Mistral newton-rc1 "RC1" newton 2016-09-15 Newton cycle Release Candidate 1
Mistral newton-3 "n3" newton 2016-09-01 Newton-3 dev milestone
Mistral newton-2 "n2" newton 2016-07-14 Newton-2 dev milestone
Mistral newton-1 "n1" newton 2016-06-02 Newton-1 dev milestone
Mistral mitaka-3 "m3" mitaka 2016-04-20
Mistral 2.0.0 "2.0.0" mitaka 2016-04-07 Mitaka official release
Mistral mitaka-rc2 "RC2" mitaka 2016-03-30 Mitaka RC2 release
Mistral mitaka-rc1 "RC1" mitaka 2016-03-16 Mitaka RC1 release
Mistral mitaka-2 "m2" mitaka 2016-01-15
Mistral mitaka-1 "m1" mitaka 2015-11-30
Mistral 1.0.0 "liberty" liberty 2015-10-16 Official Liberty Release.
Mistral liberty-rc2 "RC2" liberty 2015-10-09
Mistral liberty-rc1 "RC1" liberty 2015-09-25
Mistral liberty-3 "l3" liberty 2015-09-02
Mistral liberty-2 "l2" liberty 2015-07-29
Mistral liberty-1 "l1" liberty 2015-06-24
Mistral 2015.1 "2015.1" kilo 2015-04-30
Mistral kilo-rc2 "kilo-rc2" kilo 2015-04-29
Mistral kilo-rc1 "kilo-rc1" kilo 2015-04-17 Kilo RC1
Mistral kilo-3 "kilo-3" kilo 2015-03-19 Kilo-3 development milestone
Mistral kilo-2 kilo 2015-02-05
Mistral kilo-1 kilo 2014-12-18 + Workflow engine HA & Scalability + Data Collection Processing + "Join" Cont...
Mistral 0.1.1 juno 2014-10-25
Mistral 0.1 juno 2014-09-12
Mistral 0.0.4 juno 2014-06-24 Intermediate release mostly intended to fix a series of important bugs
Mistral 0.0.2 icehouse 2014-04-30