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Renat Akhmerov
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2 Anastasia Kuznetsova, 1 Brad P. Crochet, 2 Dougal Matthews, 1 Gal Margalit, 1 Jeremy Liu, 3 Lingxian Kong, 1 Michal Gershenzon, 2 Renat Akhmerov, 1 Ryan Brady, 1 Sanu Madhavan, 2 Sharat Sharma
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Pike-1 development milestone


This release does not have a changelog.

3 blueprints and 14 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Actions API: Main entities (classes, modules) Actions API: Main entities (classes, modules) 4 High Ryan Brady  11 Implemented
Mistral Document Fixes Mistral Document Fixes 4 High Sharat Sharma  11 Implemented
Write docs for engine commands Write docs for engine commands 3 Medium Dougal Matthews  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1664864 #1664864 Memory leaks when using "join" in workflows 2 Critical Renat Akhmerov  10 Fix Released
1610817 #1610817 GET /action_executions should not include 'output' field 3 High Michal Gershenzon  10 Fix Released
1664625 #1664625 task() without a given task name doesn't work within on-complete 3 High Anastasia Kuznetsova  10 Fix Released
1667174 #1667174 Failed to update other project's workflow by admin 3 High Lingxian Kong  10 Fix Released
1667415 #1667415 rpc.server UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 3 High Anastasia Kuznetsova  10 Fix Released
1679458 #1679458 Admin user can not get workflow detail of other tenants 3 High Lingxian Kong  10 Fix Released
1648392 #1648392 Dashboard: Modal window layout breaks if error message is too large for create/update worbook/workflow 4 Medium Gal Margalit  10 Fix Released
1654218 #1654218 This test fails: mistral.tests.unit.services.test_trigger_service.TriggerServiceV2Test.test_trigger_create 4 Medium Brad P. Crochet  10 Fix Released
1664274 #1664274 json default input value not overridden 4 Medium Renat Akhmerov  10 Fix Released
1669511 #1669511 The mistral test suite is slow 4 Medium Dougal Matthews  10 Fix Released
1666560 #1666560 Fix oslo_debug_helper not working 1 Undecided Jeremy Liu  10 Fix Released
1667939 #1667939 Add test for mistral-dashboard action_executions 1 Undecided Sanu Madhavan  10 Fix Released
1670329 #1670329 [quickstart] Some fields missing in the output 1 Undecided Sharat Sharma  10 Fix Released
1674519 #1674519 Can not get action list 1 Undecided Lingxian Kong  10 Fix Released
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