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Hyperledger Besu is an Apache 2.0 licensed, MainNet compatible, Ethereum client written in Java.

Besu serves as an execution client on public proof-of-stake Ethereum networks such as Ethereum Mainnet, Goerli, and Sepolia.

You can also run Besu using proof of work on Ethereum Classic (ETC).

You can use Besu to develop enterprise applications requiring secure, high-performance transaction processing in a private network.

A private network is a network not connected to Ethereum Mainnet or an Ethereum testnet. Private networks typically use a different chain ID and proof of authority consensus (QBFT, IBFT 2.0, or Clique).

You can also create a local development network using proof of work (Ethash).

Besu supports enterprise features including privacy and permissioning.

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Daniel Lehrner
Daniel Lehrner
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