Gnocchi 1.2.0

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Julien Danjou
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5 Chris Dent, 1 Eoghan Glynn, 3 Julien Danjou, 1 Mehdi Abaakouk, 1 lvdongbing
1 Implemented
10 Fix Released

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1 blueprint and 10 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
InfluxDB storage driver InfluxDB storage driver 3 Medium Eoghan Glynn  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1489404 #1489404 gate hooks need to be updated due to subunit2html location change 2 Critical Chris Dent  10 Fix Released
1480346 #1480346 Gnocchi doesn't accept OpenStack id madness 3 High Chris Dent  10 Fix Released
1483634 #1483634 gnocchi dispatcher still sending far too many resource updates 3 High Julien Danjou  10 Fix Released
1488190 #1488190 gnocchi alembic migrations not compatible with alembic 0.8.1 3 High Julien Danjou  10 Fix Released
1490553 #1490553 search with invalid uuid raise 500 3 High Chris Dent  10 Fix Released
1491339 #1491339 If gnocchi-metricd has import errors in startup they are swallowed 3 High Chris Dent  10 Fix Released
1481830 #1481830 influxdb support needs to be added to devstack and (presumably?) gate 4 Medium Chris Dent  10 Fix Released
1479819 #1479819 From the api it is possible to GET resource history on all the resources but not one. It should be. 5 Low Mehdi Abaakouk  10 Fix Released
1494348 #1494348 Gnocchi uses minified source-less JS files 5 Low Julien Danjou  10 Fix Released
1495394 #1495394 'command' is missing in install.rst 5 Low lvdongbing  10 Fix Released
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