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Bring your project to Launchpad

Bring your project -- open source or closed -- to Launchpad today

Register your project to collaborate with a community of thousands. Join Ubuntu in choosing Launchpad for your project.

Launchpad is free to use for open source software projects.

Commercial projects

Host your closed-source project using additional privacy features.

Commercial subscriptions

Easily share bug reports, code and more across your development community and, optionally, plug into the open source projects you rely on.

At the same time, try out our privacy features, including:

  • private code branches
  • private bugs by default
  • private teams and mailing lists
  • private PPAs.

Using these features requires authorization from Canonical. Contact us if you're interested.

What Launchpad offers your project

Whether you're starting out or moving from elsewhere, Launchpad offers a tightly integrated hosting and collaboration platform for community-driven software development.

Publishing your software

Your project can use any or all of Launchpad's applications:

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