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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
chromium-browser Ubuntu Noble 2:1snap1-0ubuntu1 None
network-manager-applet Ubuntu Noble 1.34.0-1ubuntu1 None
wget Ubuntu Noble 1.21.4-1ubuntu1 None
software-properties Ubuntu Xenial None
update-manager Ubuntu Bionic 1: None
update-manager Ubuntu Focal 1: None
update-manager Ubuntu Jammy 1:22.04.15 None
gnome-initial-setup Ubuntu Mantic 45.0-1ubuntu3 None
duplicity Ubuntu Mantic 1.2.2-1ubuntu1 None
colord Ubuntu Mantic 1.4.6-2.2ubuntu1 None
blender Ubuntu Mantic 3.6.2+dfsg-1ubuntu1 armhf
gtk4 Ubuntu Mantic 4.12.0+ds-1ubuntu3 riscv64 ppc64el i386 armhf arm64 amd64
nautilus Ubuntu Mantic 1:45~beta-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-calculator Ubuntu Mantic 1:45.0-1ubuntu1 None
network-manager Ubuntu Mantic 1.44.0-1ubuntu1 None
geoclue-2.0 Ubuntu Mantic 2.7.0-3ubuntu1 None
network-manager-applet Ubuntu Mantic 1.32.0-3ubuntu1 None
duktape Ubuntu Mantic 2.7.0+tests-0ubuntu1 None
speech-dispatcher Ubuntu Jammy 0.11.1-1ubuntu3 None
speech-dispatcher Ubuntu Kinetic 0.11.3-1ubuntu1.1 None
speech-dispatcher Ubuntu Lunar 0.11.4-2ubuntu0.1 None
gnome-terminal Ubuntu Mantic 3.48.1-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-terminal Ubuntu Lunar 3.48.0-1ubuntu1 None
tiff Ubuntu Lunar 4.5.0-5ubuntu1 None
vsmartcard Ubuntu Lunar 3.3+dfsg-2ubuntu1 None
gnome-settings-daemon Ubuntu Lunar 43.0-4ubuntu1 None
libisoburn Ubuntu Lunar 1:1.5.4-4ubuntu1 None
chromium-browser Ubuntu Focal 1:85.0.4183.83-0ubuntu0.20.04.3 None
chromium-browser Ubuntu Kinetic 1:85.0.4183.83-0ubuntu2.22.10.1 None
chromium-browser Ubuntu Jammy 1:85.0.4183.83-0ubuntu2.22.04.1 None
chromium-browser Ubuntu Lunar 1:85.0.4183.83-0ubuntu3 None
xdg-desktop-portal Ubuntu Lunar 1.16.0-2ubuntu1 None
wpa Ubuntu Lunar 2:2.10-10ubuntu1 None
scribus Ubuntu Lunar 1.5.8+dfsg-3ubuntu1 None
ipe-tools Ubuntu Lunar 1: None
dia Ubuntu Lunar 0.97.3+git20220525-4ubuntu1 None
alsa-utils Ubuntu Lunar 1.2.8-1ubuntu1 None
grilo-plugins Ubuntu Lunar 0.3.15-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-initial-setup Ubuntu Kinetic 43.0-1ubuntu2 None
network-manager-openvpn Ubuntu Kinetic 1.10.0-1ubuntu2 None
xserver-xorg-video-vmware Ubuntu Kinetic 1:13.3.0-3ubuntu1 None
abseil Ubuntu Kinetic 0~20210324.2-4ubuntu1 None
sane-backends Ubuntu Kinetic 1.1.1-5ubuntu1 None
clucene-core Ubuntu Kinetic None
gtk+3.0 Ubuntu Kinetic 3.24.34-3ubuntu2 None
nautilus Ubuntu Kinetic 1:43~beta.1-2ubuntu2 None
evolution Ubuntu Jammy 3.44.4-0ubuntu1 None
evolution-data-server Ubuntu Jammy 3.44.4-0ubuntu1 None
gnome-remote-desktop Ubuntu Jammy 42.3-0ubuntu1 None
gnome-maps Ubuntu Jammy 42.3-0ubuntu1 None
150 of 69 results