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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
alsa-ucm-conf Ubuntu Jammy None
alsa-ucm-conf Ubuntu Lunar None
alsa-ucm-conf Ubuntu Mantic None
alsa-ucm-conf Ubuntu Kinetic None

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
linux-oem-6.1 bionic-oem - Ubuntu Jammy 6.1.0-1018.18.amdgpuscreenoff1 None
linux kernel-mainline - Ubuntu Jammy 6.4-rc5.20230601+igbaer1 None
linux-oem-5.17 bionic-oem - Ubuntu Jammy 5.17.0-1018.19-lp1988957-1 None
linux bionic-oem - Ubuntu Jammy 5.15.0-47.53-p620-3 None
linux kernel-mainline - Ubuntu Focal 5.17.0-051700rc6.202203041127 None
linux bionic-oem - Ubuntu Hirsute 5.11.0-26.28-lp1938999 None
linux bionic-oem - Ubuntu Focal 5.8.0-46.52-vision None
linux-oem-5.6 bionic-oem - Ubuntu Focal 5.6.0-1042.46-amdusbd3 None
linux kernel-mainline - Ubuntu Eoan 5.7.0-050700rc6.20200525 None
xorg-server xserver-xorg-core - Ubuntu Focal 2:1.20.8-2ubuntu2-aaronma None