Bismilleh, walhamdolilleh, wassaleto wassalemo ala rasoulilleh,

This team is responsible for the design and development of Manarah project:
This is a description of Manarah:

====== Manarah: The Free Hadith Encyclopedia ======

This is the specification of the new multilingual free Hadith study tool; a sub-project of Sabily project.

=== Short name: ===
  * Manarah, an Arabic word that means beacon, lantern, lighthouse, seamark...

=== Long name: ===
  * The Free Hadith Encyclopedia Manarah

=== Development language: ===
  * Java, or Python, not yet decided.

=== Contents: ===

  - Hadith books – “Mutoon” books (like Sahih Al-Bokhari...)
  - Explication (tafsir) of Hadith books (like Fat’h Al-Beri: the explication of Sahih Al-Bokhari)
  - Hadith sciences books – The books that study Hadith (like Ghayat Al-Maram of Chaykh Mohamed Naser Addin Al-Albeni)

=== Features: ===

  - Multilingual: the GUI and the data used (books) will be multilingual insha'Alla
  - Many search mode: simple, fuzzy and if we can semantic search

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