Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
zaqar queens-rc1 queens None
zaqar pike-rc1 pike None
zaqar pike-3 pike None
zaqar pike-2 pike None
zaqar pike-1 pike None
zaqar ongoing future None not yet released Work which spans multiple cycles or is never really 'finished', but we still ...
zaqar ocata-rc2 ocata None
zaqar ocata-rc1 ocata None
zaqar ocata-3 ocata None
zaqar ocata-2 ocata None
zaqar ocata-1 ocata None
zaqar next future None not yet released Work that should be considered for the next development series. This is revi...
zaqar newton-rc1 newton None
zaqar newton-3 "n3" newton None
zaqar newton-2 "n2" newton None
zaqar newton-1 "n1" newton None
zaqar mitaka-rc1 "RC1" mitaka None
zaqar liberty-rc2 "RC2" liberty None
zaqar liberty-rc1 "RC1" liberty None
zaqar kilo-rc2 "RC2" kilo None
zaqar kilo-rc1 "RC1" kilo None
zaqar kilo-1 "k1" kilo None
zaqar juno-rc2 "RC2" juno None
zaqar juno-rc1 "RC1" juno None
zaqar icehouse-rc2 "RC2" icehouse None
zaqar icehouse-rc1 "RC1" icehouse None
zaqar 2014.2 "juno" juno None
zaqar 1.0.0 "liberty" liberty None
zaqar yoga-1 yoga 2021-12-30 not yet released
zaqar xena-release xena 2021-10-06
zaqar wallaby-release wallaby 2021-04-14
zaqar victoria-2 victoria 2020-09-30 not yet released
zaqar victoria-1 victoria 2020-06-19 not yet released
zaqar ussuri-1 ussuri 2020-01-01 not yet released
zaqar stein-2 stein 2019-01-11 not yet released
zaqar stein-1 stein 2018-12-31 not yet released
zaqar rocky-2 rocky 2018-06-08 not yet released
zaqar rocky-1 rocky 2018-04-24 zaqar rocky-1
zaqar queens-3 queens 2018-01-26
zaqar queens-2 queens 2017-12-08
zaqar queens-1 queens 2017-10-20
zaqar newton-rc2 newton 2016-09-29
zaqar mitaka-3 "m3" mitaka 2016-03-03
zaqar mitaka-2 "m2" mitaka 2016-01-21
zaqar mitaka-1 "m1" mitaka 2015-12-03
zaqar liberty-3 "l3" liberty 2015-09-03
zaqar liberty-2 "l2" liberty 2015-07-30
zaqar liberty-1 "l-1" liberty 2015-06-25
zaqar 2015.1.0 "kilo" kilo 2015-04-30
zaqar kilo-3 "k-3" kilo 2015-03-19
zaqar kilo-2 "k-2" kilo 2015-02-05
zaqar juno-3 "j3" juno 2014-09-04
zaqar juno-2 "j2" juno 2014-07-24
zaqar juno-1 "j1" juno 2014-06-12
zaqar 2014.1 "icehouse" icehouse 2014-04-17
zaqar icehouse-3 "i3" icehouse 2014-03-06
zaqar graduation "igloo" icehouse 2014-02-10
zaqar icehouse-2 "i2" icehouse 2014-01-23
zaqar icehouse-1 "i1" icehouse 2013-12-05
zaqar havana-3 "h3" havana 2013-09-05 This is an inactive milestone
zaqar havana-2 "h2" havana 2013-07-18 This is an inactive milestone
zaqar havana-1 "h1" havana 2013-05-30 This is an inactive milestone
zaqar grizzly-2 "g2" grizzly 2013-04-15 This is an inactive milestone What's the simplest thing that could possibly work? Add enough functionality...
zaqar grizzly-1 "g1" grizzly 2013-03-11 This is an inactive milestone Build on the initial design session held during the Grizzly Design Summit * ...