python3-lazy-object-proxy binary package in Ubuntu Mantic amd64

 A lazy object proxy is an object that wraps a callable but defers the call
 until the object is actually required, and caches the result of said call.
 These kinds of objects are useful in resolving various dependency issues, few
  * Objects that need to held circular references at each other, but at
    different stages. To instantiate object Foo you need an instance of Bar.
    Instance of Bar needs an instance of Foo in some of it methods (but not at
    construction). Circular imports sound familiar?
  * Performance sensitive code. You don't know ahead of time what you're going
    to use but you don't want to pay for allocating all the resources at the
    start as you usually need just few of them.
 This package contains the Python 3 version of lazy-object-proxy .

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  2023-04-25 12:10:09 UTC Published Ubuntu Mantic amd64 release universe python Optional 1.9.0-1build1
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