python3-chardet binary package in Ubuntu Mantic amd64

 Chardet is a continuation of Mark Pilgrim's excellent original chardet port
 from C, and Ian Cordasco's charade Python 3-compatible fork.
 Chardet takes a sequence of bytes in an unknown character encoding, and
 attempts to determine the encoding.
 Supported encodings:
  * Big5, GB2312/GB18030, EUC-TW, HZ-GB-2312, and ISO-2022-CN (Traditional
    and Simplified Chinese)
  * EUC-JP, SHIFT_JIS, and ISO-2022-JP (Japanese)
  * EUC-KR and ISO-2022-KR (Korean)
  * KOI8-R, MacCyrillic, IBM855, IBM866, ISO-8859-5, and windows-1251 (Russian)
  * ISO-8859-2 and windows-1250 (Hungarian)
  * ISO-8859-5 and windows-1251 (Bulgarian)
  * ISO-8859-1 and windows-1252 (Western European languages)
  * ISO-8859-7 and windows-1253 (Greek)
  * ISO-8859-8 and windows-1255 (Visual and Logical Hebrew)
  * TIS-620 (Thai)
  * UTF-32 BE, LE, 3412-ordered, or 2143-ordered (with a BOM)
  * UTF-16 BE or LE (with a BOM)
  * UTF-8 (with or without a BOM)
 This library is a port of the auto-detection code in Mozilla.
 This package contains the Python 3 version of the library.

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  2023-04-25 12:10:09 UTC Published Ubuntu Mantic amd64 release main python Optional 5.1.0+dfsg-2
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  • Copied from ubuntu lunar-proposed amd64 in Primary Archive for Ubuntu

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