Binary package “python3-lockfile” in ubuntu mantic

file locking library for Python — Python 3 library

 The ‘lockfile’ library exports a ‘LockFile’ class which provides a
 simple API for locking files.
 The appropriate implementation for ‘LockFile’ is chosen automatically
 based on the OS capabilities for an atomic filesystem operation.
 These implementations are also available for explicit use as
 ‘LinkLockFile’ and ‘MkdirLockFile’.
 Other back ends are possible with the same semantics. Examples
 included are:
  * ‘SQLiteLockFile’, using records in an SQLite database.
  * ‘PIDLockFile’, using the semantics of a Unix PID file.
 Unlike other Python locking libraries (the Windows ‘msvcrt.locking’
 function, the Unix ‘fcntl.flock’, ‘fcntl.lockf’, and the deprecated
 ‘posixfile’ module), the API is identical across both Unix (including
 GNU/Linux and MacOS) and Windows platforms.
 This package installs the Python 3 library.