Binary package “libmalcontent-ui-dev” in ubuntu mantic

development files for libmalcontent-ui

 malcontent implements support for restricting the type of content accessible
 to non-administrator accounts on a Linux system. Typically, when this is used,
 a non-administrator account will be for a child using the system; and the
 administrator accounts will be for the parents; and the content being filtered
 will be apps which are not suitable for the child to use, due to (for example)
 being too violent.
 This is not a security boundary, and a sufficiently technically advanced user
 may always work around these parental controls. malcontent is not a mandatory
 access control (MAC) system like AppArmor or SELinux. However, its correct use
 by applications should provide enough of an obstacle to prevent users easily or
 accidentally having access to content which they shouldn’t.
 This package contains the development files for libmalcontent-ui.