python3-pbr 5.11.1-0ubuntu1 (riscv64 binary) in ubuntu lunar

 PBR (Python Build Reasonableness) is a library that injects some useful and
 sensible default behaviors into your setuptools run. PBR can:
  * Manage version number based on git revisions and tags (Version file).
  * Generate AUTHORS file from git log
  * Generate ChangeLog from git log
  * Generate Sphinx autodoc stub files for your whole module
  * Store your dependencies in a pip requirements file
  * Use your README file as a long_description
  * Smartly find packages under your root package
 PBR is only mildly configurable. The basic idea is that there's a decent way
 to run things and if you do, you should reap the rewards, because then it's
 simple and repeatable. If you want to do things differently, cool! But you've
 already got the power of Python at your fingertips, so you don't really need
 PBR builds on top of the work that d2to1 started to provide for declarative
 configuration. d2to1 is itself an implementation of the ideas behind
 distutils2. Although distutils2 is now abandoned in favor of work towards PEP
 426 and Metadata 2.0, declarative config is still a great idea and
 specifically important in trying to distribute setup code as a library when
 that library itself will alter how the setup is processed. As Metadata 2.0 and
 other modern Python packaging PEPs come out, PBR aims to support them as
 quickly as possible.
 This package provides support for Python 3.x.


Package version:
python-pbr 5.11.1-0ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu