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APT - backports (Xenial only) Backports of APT packages (includes apt, python-apt) from Bion... 27 226
rail5ppa This PPA only contains my fork of GNU Bash. You should proba... 1 4
BATS Bash Automated Testing System Bats is a TAP-compliant testing... 1 13
Utilities - various (Xenial & newer) Utilities PPA (many and varied backported utilities) for Xenia... 191 2483
bashc A simple framework to ease the development of bash application... 1 1
Multishell Install multiple versions of shells, allowing you to test agai... 290 870
BaSHELL bashell is a high level shell program designed to test bash sc... 1 5
Bash Library for Indolent Programmers Blip is a Bash Library for Indolent (lazy) Programmers. It is ... 1 12
Backports - various (Xenial & newer) Backports PPA (many & varied general system packages) for Xeni... 684 8629
ppa-purge This is an improved version of ppa-purge containing several bu... 1 4
Bash Snippets A collection of small bash scripts for heavy terminal users 1 2
bashlyk this repository contains packages for improving the functional... 4 10
BashMultiTool A library for bash shell program containing useful functions... 1 1
bashes Old bash versions for simultaneous installation for testing sc... 4 4
cheatsheet bash cheatsheet 1 1
courtesy flush courtesy flush is bash aliases and functions application, it a... 1 1
dbhistory History of bash commands executed by the user, stored with the... 1 1
default-bash-and-zsh Latest bash and zsh compiled like in other distros. 2 6
mouse-speed Bash script to increase or decrease the speed of your mouse an... 1 1
screenFetch screenFetch - The Bash Screenshot Information Tool https://git... 1 5
static-bash-and-zsh Partially static bash and zsh 2 2
Autogeili A bash script -- A Gnome wallpaper updater 1 2
Experimental package archive by Antono Vasiljev synapse - edge builds Gemdocs - simple bash helper for quick ... 21 27
Fenrir Userland console (TTY) screen reader written in python Fenrir ... 1 1
HDA URL Urlhda (HDA URL Shortener) bash script in a package. Usage: #... 1 3
Half Empty Hero's PPA Random stuff. My indicator-virtualbox is the same as the norm... 1 2
Idiomind Idiomind is a program based in Bash scripts to learn foreign l... 3 28
Internet Download Manager Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download... 1 1
Ipyssh Ipyssh is a Bash script that offers simplified ipython-qtconso... 1 1
LXCM Simplified container management system with shared compressed ... 1 3
Libcvautomation Libcvautomation is a GUI automation and testing tool based on ... 1 3
MkTechDocs MkTechDocs is an open-source documentation framework for colla... 1 5
PPA for David D Short This PPA contains a growing range of useful little utilities t... 19 52
PPA for extras for USU Extra packages for USU(wallpapers,nautilus scripts,bash GUI to... 5 18
Roxanne Roxanne is your linux personal assistant. Tell her what you w... 1 0
TermySequence TermySequence is a terminal emulation system with a focus on c... 2 12
Todo.txt Indicator A minimal Ubuntu indicator that acts as a simple graphical wra... 1 1
Ubuntu Enhanced (experimental) See for detailed pr... 2 8
backupmenu Backup menu based TUI for Linux debian based OS using Tar and... 1 1
bash commands Commands for bash 2 21
bashtools-nightly Useful tools written in pure bash 2 15
bashtools-stable Useful tools written in pure bash 2 12
cylondeb TUI menu driven bash shell script to maintain a Debian based ... 1 2
dosbox-daily Daily build of dosbox trunk It contains the following patches... 2 84
gdh PPA for my Ubuntu apps and other stuff. SGTimer - Advanced sh... 2 18
inxi inxi :: a full featured system information script inxi is a f... 1 7
osd-kernel-oops-notify A bash script that runs when you log in to your desktop, it wi... 1 2
pizzabashlog Repository for pizzabashlog application, used by the Nicaragua... 1 2
qBittorrent Enhanced Edition This is the PPA for qBittorrent Enhanced Edition. qBittorrent... 2 64
restic-tools Repository for restic binaries and rescript bash script wrappe... 2 2
150 of 250 results