Python client library for Sahara 0.5.0

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Python client library for Sahara
Sergey Lukjanov
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1 Alexander Ignatov, 1 Andrew Lazarev, 1 Lee Li, 4 Matthew Farrellee, 1 Nikita Konovalov, 1 Trevor McKay
2 Implemented
7 Fix Released

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* it's first release with CLI covers mostly all features;
* dev docs moved to client from the main repo;
* support for all new Savanna features introduced in Icehouse release cycle;
* single common entrypoint, actual - savannaclient.client.Client('1.1);
* auth improvements;
* base resource class improvements;
* 93 commits from the prev. release.


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2 blueprints and 7 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Implement CLI for python-savannaclient Implement CLI for python-savannaclient 3 Medium Matthew Farrellee  11 Implemented
Allow for use of object name in CLI commands Allow for use of object name in CLI commands 2 Low Matthew Farrellee  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1274913 #1274913 Client doesn't work when savanna_url param is not provided 2 Critical Alexander Ignatov  10 Fix Released
1268695 #1268695 [EDP] Extend savannaclient to allow extra args for job executions 3 High Trevor McKay  10 Fix Released
1273500 #1273500 savanna cluster-create ignores neutron_management_network parameter 3 High Matthew Farrellee  10 Fix Released
1282969 #1282969 Savannaclient raises poor ApiException 3 High Nikita Konovalov  10 Fix Released
1272130 #1272130 savannaclient allows for creation of swift data sources without credentials 4 Medium Matthew Farrellee  10 Fix Released
1276310 #1276310 Resource creation modifies passed dict 5 Low Andrew Lazarev  10 Fix Released
1280033 #1280033 Remove dependent module py3kcompat 5 Low Lee Li  10 Fix Released
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