python-neutronclient 3.0.0

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Doug Hellmann
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2 Adrien Vergé, 2 Akihiro Motoki, 1 Amir Sadoughi, 1 Cedric Brandily, 1 Gal Sagie, 1 LIU Yulong, 1 Ming Yang, 1 Nir Magnezi, 1 P. Watsalya Mishra, 1 Qin Zhao, 1 Takashi Natsume, 4 yong sheng gong
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This is another milestone (3.0.0) on the road to Python-neutronclient liberty.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1491646 #1491646 .tox/functional/bin/python: can't open file '/usr/local/jenkins/slave_scripts/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory 2 Critical Takashi Natsume  10 Fix Released
1451391 #1451391 --router:external=True syntax is invalid 3 High Nir Magnezi  10 Fix Released
1369871 #1369871 HTTP 500 is returned when using an invalid ip for defined network to attach interface 4 Medium Qin Zhao  10 Fix Released
1444146 #1444146 Subnet creation from a subnet pool can get wrong ip_version 4 Medium Akihiro Motoki  10 Fix Released
1453706 #1453706 tenant_id not update for creating lbaas v2 resources 4 Medium LIU Yulong  10 Fix Released
1465440 #1465440 Firewall attribute "Shared" is set to None by default instead of 'False' 4 Medium Akihiro Motoki  10 Fix Released
1470622 #1470622 Devref documentation for client command extension support 4 Medium Gal Sagie  10 Fix Released
1401030 #1401030 'help router-update' cli output lacks options that can be updated using this cli 6 Wishlist P. Watsalya Mishra  10 Fix Released
1277492 #1277492 Bash completion broken on OS X with bash 4 1 Undecided Ming Yang  10 Fix Released
1411115 #1411115 'router-gateway-set' does not support external gateway ip 1 Undecided yong sheng gong  10 Fix Released
1454986 #1454986 neutron lbaas-member-list with pool id shows all members 1 Undecided Adrien Vergé  10 Fix Released
1455102 #1455102 some test jobs broken by tox 2.0 not passing env variables 1 Undecided Adrien Vergé  10 Fix Released
1460336 #1460336 str2dict raise non user-friendly errors 1 Undecided Cedric Brandily  10 Fix Released
1474401 #1474401 python-neutronclient does not handle extensions with resource plurals that don't end in 's' 1 Undecided Amir Sadoughi  10 Fix Released
1486824 #1486824 remove contrib/ way for command extension in dev ref doc 1 Undecided yong sheng gong  10 Fix Released
1486829 #1486829 add extension name to command help doc 1 Undecided yong sheng gong  10 Fix Released
1486845 #1486845 To make it clear for command extension requirement 1 Undecided yong sheng gong  10 Fix Released
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