python-heatclient v0.2.9

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Steve Baker
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2 JunJie Nan, 1 Kui Shi, 1 Richard Lee, 1 Steve Baker, 2 Steven Hardy, 2 Thomas Herve
2 Implemented
7 Fix Released

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The heat development community would like to announce the release of
python-heatclient version 0.2.9.

python-heatclient is a client library for Heat built on the Heat orchestration
API. It provides a Python API (the heatclient module) and a command-line tool

This release can be installed from the following locations:


2 blueprints and 7 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Add support for stack-preview Add support for stack-preview 3 Medium Richard Lee  11 Implemented
Enable py33 voting in jenkins gating Edit Edit Enable py33 voting in jenkins gating Edit Edit 3 Medium Kui Shi  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1284493 #1284493 get_file does not take effect in other section except resources 3 High JunJie Nan  10 Fix Released
1290456 #1290456 heat timeout options broken 3 High Steven Hardy  10 Fix Released
1296950 #1296950 Provider templates don't have get_file contents appended to files 3 High Steve Baker  10 Fix Released
1284501 #1284501 get_files does not support binary file 4 Medium JunJie Nan  10 Fix Released
1291097 #1291097 deployment native signalling failing 4 Medium Steven Hardy  10 Fix Released
1291445 #1291445 Can't use a local file in resource type definition 4 Medium Thomas Herve  10 Fix Released
1297723 #1297723 Don't pass timeout_mins if not set 4 Medium Thomas Herve  10 Fix Released
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