python-heatclient release 0.2.2

Written for python-heatclient by Steve Baker on 2013-04-11

The heat development community is pleased to announce the release of python-heatclient version 0.2.2. This is a maintenance release.

python-heatclient provides a command line interface and a python library to access the Heat API.

This release can be installed from the following locations:

The following issues are fixed in this release:

#1163335 (Simon Pasquier) "heat stack-create" doesn't return the error message from server
#1144630 (Steven Hardy) --disable-rollback option should be --enable-rollback
#1160648 (Steve Baker) When invoking --token-only the username should also be passed
#1160689 (Steve Baker) Pretty table headers should match raw output keys

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