oslo.messaging juno-2 "j2"

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Russell Bryant
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1 Aaron Rosen, 1 ChangBo Guo(gcb), 2 Christian Berendt, 1 Elena Ezhova, 1 Gordon Sim, 1 Ihar Hrachyshka, 4 Mehdi Abaakouk, 1 Nejc Saje
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1282639 #1282639 Allow to configure the behavior of the rpc servers reconnection 3 High Mehdi Abaakouk  10 Fix Released
1318742 #1318742 qpid driver in topology 2 can cause build up of response messages 3 High Gordon Sim  10 Fix Released
1332588 #1332588 list_opts does not set proper group for matchmaker_redis options 3 High Ihar Hrachyshka  10 Fix Released
1316681 #1316681 routing notifier won't work 4 Medium Mehdi Abaakouk  10 Fix Released
1317950 #1317950 debug level logs should not be translated 4 Medium Christian Berendt  10 Fix Released
1331453 #1331453 Alarm coordinator tests sporadically failed 4 Medium Mehdi Abaakouk  10 Fix Released
1321274 #1321274 logging messages should use function parameters instead of string format arguments 5 Low Christian Berendt  10 Fix Released
1325750 #1325750 rabbit connection errors return non-useful message 5 Low Aaron Rosen  10 Fix Released
1327473 #1327473 Don't use mutables as default args 5 Low ChangBo Guo(gcb)  10 Fix Released
1330460 #1330460 [impl_zmq]: allowed_remote_exmods not used in _multi_send 5 Low Elena Ezhova  10 Fix Released
1342088 #1342088 Exchanges lock disregarded in the fake driver implementation 5 Low Nejc Saje  10 Fix Released
1331459 #1331459 tests.test_qpid.TestDriverInterface.test_send_notification fails sporadically 1 Undecided Mehdi Abaakouk  10 Fix Released
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