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Thierry Carrez
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3 ChangBo Guo(gcb), 1 Christian Berendt, 1 Gordon Sim, 1 James Carey, 1 Li Ma, 3 Mehdi Abaakouk, 1 Numan Siddique, 1 Russell Bryant, 1 zhangjialong
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Allow to set multiple hosts in a transport url Allow to set multiple hosts in a transport url 4 High Mehdi Abaakouk  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1256345 #1256345 target.exchange is ignored by driver.listen() 3 High Mehdi Abaakouk  10 Fix Released
1300318 #1300318 qpid driver for oslo.messaging uses 'wrong' address for direct publisher 3 High Gordon Sim  10 Fix Released
1316891 #1316891 Connection leak when running nova-cells 3 High Mehdi Abaakouk  10 Fix Released
1303890 #1303890 Uncaught qpid error can break a consumer 4 Medium Russell Bryant  10 Fix Released
1310397 #1310397 No response from rpc call when unicode in exception 4 Medium James Carey  10 Fix Released
1269630 #1269630 Connections to RabbitMQ servers are attempted in the order defined in the “rabbit_hosts" configuration 5 Low ChangBo Guo(gcb)  10 Fix Released
1280033 #1280033 Remove dependent module py3kcompat 5 Low ChangBo Guo(gcb)  10 Fix Released
1283926 #1283926 test_rabbit.TestRacyWaitForReply failed with a not related change 5 Low Numan Siddique  10 Fix Released
1300539 #1300539 Logical error in blockless fanout of zmq 5 Low Li Ma  10 Fix Released
1301132 #1301132 oslo-messaging-zmq-receiver cannot recive any messages 5 Low zhangjialong  10 Fix Released
1277104 #1277104 wrong order of assertEquals args 6 Wishlist ChangBo Guo(gcb)  10 Fix Released
1323975 #1323975 do not use default=None for config options 1 Undecided Christian Berendt  10 Fix Released
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