Networking-vpp 20.05.01is now available

Written for networking-vpp by Jerome Tollet on 2020-07-21

In the 20.05.1 release,

- We've added OpenStack Train release compatibility.

- We've optimized GPE VNI allocation in the Neutron DB. Instead of storing
  the entire range of GPE VNIs, the GPE type-driver now dynamically
  computes a valid VNI at network creation time and stores only the allocated
  VNIs in Neutron DB.

- We've made corrections to GPE APIs. All of the GPE API changes could not
  be tested for correctness in the previous release due to various issues.
  We've added a patch that makes the necessary GPE API fixes.

- We've changed the API to create sub-interfaces. The new API call "create_subif"
  will keep the original behavior, but will add the support for Q-in-Q (i.e
  inner & outer VLAN Tags).

- We've made TaaS fixes to support network type changes in the 20.05 release.

- We've been doing the usual round of bug fixes, clean-ups and updates - the
  code will work with VPP 20.05/20.05.1 releases, the OpenStack Train/Stein
  releases & Python 3.

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