Networking-vpp 20.05 for VPP 20.05 is now available

Written for networking-vpp by Jerome Tollet on 2020-06-07

Hello All,
We'd like to invite you to try out Networking-vpp 20.05.
As many of you may already know, VPP is a fast user space forwarder based
on the DPDK toolkit. VPP uses vector packet processing algorithms to
minimize the CPU time spent on each packet to maximize throughput.
Networking-vpp is a ML2 mechanism driver that controls VPP on your control
and compute hosts to provide fast L2 forwarding under Neutron.
This latest version of Networking-vpp is updated to work with VPP 20.05.
In this release, we've made the below changes:
- We've added a class that defines network type APIs and implements them.
  The network types supported are VLAN, Flat and GPE. Our intent is to add
  support for pluggable network types without the need to modify code.
  We'll be continuing our work to enhance this feature in the next release.

- We've updated the code to be compatible with VPP 20.05 API changes.

- We've added code to deal with poorly formed security group subnets.
  For instance, is completely acceptable in a security group rule.
  Previously, VPP accepted this in its API calls but this is not currently
  the case. We've fixed this up at the high level to be acceptable to VPP.

- We've fixed an issue with missing package data required for VPP API
  message validation.

- We've dropped VPP 19.04 compatibility code.

- We've fixed an issue with the security group mechdriver code in which
  a SG rule is added but not pushed out to VPP until the next rule is added
  or the security group is changed.

- We've moved VPP specific constants to a dedicated file.

- Due to a VPP issue, GPE support will be deferred to the 20.05.1 release.

- We've been doing the usual round of bug fixes, clean-ups and updates - the
  code will work with VPP 20.05, the OpenStack Stein release & Python 3.
The README [1] explains how you can try out VPP with Networking-vpp using
devstack: the devstack plugin will deploy the mechanism driver with VPP 20.05
and should give you a working system with a minimum of hassle.
We will be continuing our development for VPP's 20.05.1 release.
We welcome anyone who would like to come help us.
Jerome, Ian & Naveen


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