Mirantis OpenStack 7.0-mu-2

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Mirantis OpenStack
Vitaly Sedelnik
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1 Alexey Stupnikov, 1 Andrey Epifanov, 2 Denis Meltsaykin, 2 Denis Puchkin, 1 Eugene Nikanorov, 1 Nikolay Starodubtsev, 1 Oleg Bondarev, 1 Paul Karikh, 1 Sergey Reshetnyak, 7 Sergii Rizvan, 1 Stan Lagun
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1497365 #1497365 Sahara cluster can't be prepared due the error "QueuePool limit of size 5 overflow 10 reached" 3 High Denis Meltsaykin  9 Fix Committed
1493732 #1493732 After rabbitmq failover neutron-server may get into state when it can't declare an exchange and consumes ~100% cpu 2 Critical Eugene Nikanorov  10 Fix Released
1494288 #1494288 Ambari 2.3 not started with error (reason: u'2.3') 3 High Sergey Reshetnyak  10 Fix Released
1497330 #1497330 DVR: router is not removed from compute node after last vm is deleted 3 High Sergii Rizvan  10 Fix Released
1500823 #1500823 neutron metadata access takes a lot of time (>10 sec) 3 High Oleg Bondarev  10 Fix Released
1501680 #1501680 Horizon forces user logout when clicking on project name 3 High Paul Karikh  10 Fix Released
1504611 #1504611 Murano API cannot cope with being behind an SSL terminator 3 High Nikolay Starodubtsev  10 Fix Released
1510576 #1510576 [FWaaS] Error firewall state after updating policy or rule 3 High Andrey Epifanov  10 Fix Released
1512635 #1512635 DVR: Notify specific agent when dealing with floating ips 3 High Sergii Rizvan  10 Fix Released
1512754 #1512754 Pacemaker kills RabbitMQ 3 High Sergii Rizvan  10 Fix Released
1514762 #1514762 DVR: broadcast is not needed on vm port create/update 3 High Sergii Rizvan  10 Fix Released
1515799 #1515799 security groups iptables can block legitimate traffic as INVALID 3 High Denis Puchkin  10 Fix Released
1517671 #1517671 Booting from volume nolonger can be bigger that flavor size 3 High Sergii Rizvan  10 Fix Released
1519236 #1519236 [Murano] Unable to assign a floating IP if multiple external networks are used 3 High Stan Lagun  10 Fix Released
1522641 #1522641 Block directory listing for noVNC service 3 High Alexey Stupnikov  10 Fix Released
1494391 #1494391 We need to backport fix for Murano pythonclient cacert parameter 4 Medium Sergii Rizvan  10 Fix Released
1503685 #1503685 Floating IP addresses sorting in Horizon doesn't work 4 Medium Denis Puchkin  10 Fix Released
1516584 #1516584 3PAR driver doesn't remove all VLUNs after a volume detach in some situations 4 Medium Sergii Rizvan  10 Fix Released
1520185 #1520185 RGW returns requested bucket name raw in "Bucket" response header 4 Medium Denis Meltsaykin  10 Fix Released
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