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0.12.1 release from the 0.12 series released

Release information

- Update ChangeLog for 0.12.1.
- Include files for sphinx based documentation.
- Auto build and install default man page.
- Move build_manpage utility to doc area.
- Ensure correct prog name available to manpage.
- Update authors.
- Remove requirement sphinxcontrib-programoutput.

File Description Downloads
download icon git-upstream-0.12.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) 0.12.1 release 75
last downloaded 31 weeks ago
Total downloads: 75

0.12.0 release from the 0.12 series released

Release information

- Changelog for 0.12.0 Release.
- Fix help subcommand.
- Remove compatibility hacks causing issues with newer GitPython.
- Check valid import branch argument value.
- Report import branch name used by default.
- Use tag for import branch naming when given.
- Use python for pre/post scripts.
- Support tags for input args.
- Allow SHA1 as reference for inputs.
- Fix finish merge to ensure correct contents.
- Always have rebase perform finish.
- Ensure correct mode of git-rebase executed.
- Support old GitPython transform_kwargs signature.
- Refactor test to allow additional.
- Ensure parent options retained for exec'ed finish.
- Fix access for pre-script dict member.
- Update .gitignore with .eggs path for setuptools.
- Enable default GIT_PYTHON_TRACE for tests.
- Consolidate to a single separator character.
- Fix broken interactive mode to be usable.
- Record upstream branch in import merge commit.
- Handle all local changes landed upstream.
- Detect cherry-picked changes without Change-Id.
- Example in should reference .gitreview.
- Use a recent pbr.
- Add tool to recreate git repo from test scenarios.
- Detect when nothing to import.
- Merge multiple unrelated additional branches.
- Support for python 3.
- Show rebase help during interactive import.
- Simplify example by using a local remote.
- Fix / simplify the example patch in
- Minor change to the
- Handle missing merge during initial import.
- Include parent commits in git graph.
- Update package author/maintainer details.
- Match name and result of is_detached() method.
- Install coverage and fix command line to call.
- Refactor import command tests to use scenarios.
- Consolidate note reference and header constants.
- Consolidate BadName exception compatibility.
- Keep modifications to GitPython objects in single module.
- Support test specific scripts to modify test areas.
- Ensure end of arguments marked clearly.
- Fix a tiny typo in USAGE.

File Description Downloads
download icon git-upstream-0.12.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) 0.12.0 release 35
last downloaded 34 weeks ago
Total downloads: 35

0.11.0 release from the 0.11 series released

Release information
Release notes:

Includes under the hood improvements around determining the set of local changes to be carried to include changes that were previously missed in a number of scenarios. Also adds a deterministic ordering for changes uploaded for review before an import was done and landed after the merge, which would previously appear first instead of last because of how git would normally walk the tree. Finally adds a new option to allow users to ask git-upstream finish the import in the case of a conflict was encountered.

Many improvements around the tests to make it easier to add tests, and get better information returned in the even of a test failure which should help make future development easier.


- Fix order of commits from previous imports.
- Ask rev-parse for shortest unique SHA1.
- Remove upstream branch requirement from '--finish'
- Move logging setup earlier.
- Support a finalize method for argument parsing.
- Convert strategy tests to use scenarios.
- Have pbr update AUTHORS but not changelog.
- Fix manpage building.
- Remove '\' from multiline strings.
- Improve detection of the previous import merge.
- Begin conversion to testscenarios.
- Include node 'name' in commit subject.
- Update typos.
- Add more complex usage summary for import command.
- Tidy up fixture usage.
- Use standard library for text generation.
- Update ChangeLog with missing releases.
- Capture log messages for test failures.
- Add option to perform finish only.
- Allow direct execution of main module.
- Tests: Switch to use list as stack.
- Grammar fixes.
- Change repository from stackforge to openstack.
- Update .gitreview for new namespace.
- Update the read-tree command in
- Re-factor and split code.
- Restructure subcommands parser creation.
- Mask broken versions of mock.
- Update hacking, enable some checks and fix style issues.
- Sample jobs for mirroring upstream repositories.
- Find additional missing commit scenarios.
- Use DFS reverse topological sort to allow unordered inputs.
- Make function private and replace boolean with function result.
- Catch BadName exceptions from newer GitPython.
- Additional scenarios that result in missed commits.
- Add test for obsolete approach to track upstream.
- Refactor code used to build tree into helpers.
- Add test support for creating carried changes.
- Include graph of git log and node info on error.
- Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual.
- Fix typo.

File Description Downloads
download icon git-upstream-0.11.0.post1.tar.gz (md5, sig) 0.11.0 release 43
last downloaded 38 weeks ago
Total downloads: 43

0.10.1 release from the 0.10 series released

File Description Downloads
download icon git-upstream-0.10.1.tar.gz (md5) 47
last downloaded 38 weeks ago
Total downloads: 47

0.10.0 release from the 0.10 series released

File Description Downloads
download icon git-upstream-0.10.0.tar.gz (md5) 38
last downloaded 38 weeks ago
Total downloads: 38