Duplicity 1.2.2 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2023-01-26

## rel.1.2.2 (2023-01-26)

### Changes

* \_runtest\_dir on Darwin may use TMPDIR for testing. [Kenneth Loafman]

* Update duplicity.pot. [Kenneth Loafman]

* More changes to get release process working. [Kenneth Loafman]

### Fix

* Fix to work with b2sdk 1.19.0. [Adam Jacobs]

* Fix #692. Redundant --encrypt option added in gpg.py. [Kenneth Loafman]

  Been around forever. GPG 2.2.x is the first to detect. Added only
  when both recipients and hidden_recipients present.

* Fix super() call in test\_selection.py. [Kenneth Loafman]

* Regression on issue #147, change password for incremental. [Kenneth Loafman]

  Changed testcase issue147.sh to need incremental.
  Fixed dup_collections.py to bail with fatal error.

* Crash if a socket is listed with --files-from. Fixes #689. [Kenneth Loafman]

  Patch supplied by Jethro Donaldson (@jeth-ro).

### Other

* Add detailed step-by-step instructions. [ede]

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