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Graham Hayes
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1 CaptTofu, 1 Graham Hayes, 1 Kiall Mac Innes, 1 Ron Rickard, 1 Vinod Mangalpally
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* BUG #1268607 Ensure Flask uses our JSON Encoder
* BUG# 1258262 Added secret parameter to options for sensitive data
* Bug #1257888: Remote Designate Agent Call Fails
* BUG #1249396 Add SLDs that act like TLDs
* BUG #1253074 Added a check for HTTP_X_IDENTITY_STATUS
* Update PPA URL
* Update TLD list per IANA list version 2013110700
* Update for stable/havana development cycle

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1268607 #1268607 Gate jobs blocked by MagicMock not being JSON serializable 2 Critical Kiall Mac Innes  10 Fix Released
1257888 #1257888 Remote Designate Agent Call Fails 3 High Ron Rickard  10 Fix Released
1258262 #1258262 need to change oslo.config to not log the passwords at startup 3 High CaptTofu  10 Fix Released
1249396 #1249396 We do not treat SLDs that act like TLDs as TLDs 4 Medium Vinod Mangalpally  10 Fix Released
1253074 #1253074 middleware ignores "delay_auth_decision" from keystone 4 Medium Graham Hayes  10 Fix Released
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