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the root filesystem for all of Ubuntu mobile products

using the product meta project:

Please add a bug task for the canonical-devices-system-image project if you want to escalate a bug.

The product team will review and assess all bugs and also add tasks for bugs it thinks are of relevance for a specific product release.

A relative priority within a milestone will be expressed via the Importance attribute.

The relevancy of the underlying bug and the state of the assessment are expressed via the Status attribute:

  • New: bug has not been reviewed by the product team
  • Incomplete: need more information
  • Invalid: the product team does not deem this bug to be relevant to the product, a next step could be to remove the task from the bug
  • Confirmed: the product team accepts this bug as relevant and has set the Status/Importance attributes and also set a target milestone
  • In Progress: the evaluation has started, but hasn't come to a conclusion yet
  • Fix committed: landed but not yet released as an ota
  • Fix released: part of an ota

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xenial series is the current focus of development.

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